❝ I can’t afford to hate anyone, I don’t have that kind of time. ❞
Akira Kurosawa   (via slightlycaptivated)
❝ Don’t you dare, for one more second, surround yourself with people who are not aware of the greatness that you are. ❞
Jo Blackwell-Preston  (via slightlycaptivated)


[ aug 29, 2014 ]
today i’m going to:

  • go to work
  • make food for my two teammates
  • go to dance practice
  • draw monsters
  • finish my current trial on dual destinies

also started rereading The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, ran into @poopsurrealism while heading to rehearsal, did six laps, five batman circuits, learned a bit of reggae, vogue, and whacking foundation, learned two choreos, and won a waterballoon fight! 

yay productivity!

i started reading nicki minaj quotes to make myself feel better and it’s worked so well. damn. she’s amazing. i’d apologize for the constant fluctuation in emotion that i go through but i’d rather bounce back quickly than live lingering in listlessness, naw’mean? 

( ty to the lovely peeps who replied it means a lot that you took the time to provide comfort ♥ )

[ aug 29, 2014 ]
today i’m going to:

i don’t want to relapse but it’s happening. or maybe it’s just happening because i’m writing about it and “Oh Well” by boyz ii men is playing in the background. it sucks that i did and said literally everything i could and it wasn’t enough for homie to stick around. romantically and platonically. it’s like whenever i start to relapse i forget everything i’ve rationalized in the past two months. i don’t want him back, i don’t even really miss his presence. i just miss a time when he wasn’t the default topic my idle thoughts fell back on. i need to get outta this funk aaaugh


[ aug 28, 2014 ]
today i’m going to:

  • go to work
  • skate a little
  • draw something traditionally
  • smile whenever i start to feel upset again
  • hang out with my ‘vern block’ boys if they’re free and do art things

too sleepy to add notes but woo i also bought three books zzz

yay traditional media

Psssst... Hi Kristine ^_^ ! So this is ur tumblr!? Well I like it and I apologize in advance for lots of notifs from me reblogging ur stuff <3 Peace !

LOL helloooo (: have a soups lovely day and life and aaah see ya soon